Send A Relevant Dilbert Strip To Your Boss

January 22, 2012

The Dilbert comics is just 2 years younger than me, which means there are thousands of strips. Most of them represent a mocked real-world situation, especially about big corporations and geeks.

I have always wondered if managers read Dilbert. I bet they don’t, otherwise they’d say “oh, wait, this thing I’m doing was mocked by Scot Adams, and it is obviously idiotic”. Anyway, regular people like Dilbert could sometimes get a Dilbert attitude and send a comic strip to their managers.

And the Dilbert website offers a pretty good search engine for that – just search for “deadline”, “raise”, “new colleague” and you’ll find a lot of good strips to send to your pointy-haired boss. Even if this isn’t going to change the habits of managers, let’s at least make some fun of them. So the next time your company hangs big posters with “Company values”, send this to everyone, cc management. And hope not to get fired.

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2 Responses to “Send A Relevant Dilbert Strip To Your Boss”

  1. Hello,

    Do you know the Geek&Poke website ? very funny for tech guy’s.


  2. Yes, Geek&Poke is funny indeed, but it’s more technically-oriented – it won’t mean anything to management.

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