An Idea for JPA Regarding Domain-Driven Design

May 14, 2011

JPA and domain-driven design don’t mix well. In fact, JPA “entities” are representatives of the anemic data model that Fowler warns against. I have already discussed DDD in the light of JPA and dependency injection, so I won’t go into much details here whether anemic data model is bad or not (for the record: I […]


On Domain-Driven Design, Anemic Domain Model, Code Generation, Dependency Injection and More…

March 25, 2010

Eric Evans has formulated what domain-driven design (DDD) is. Martin Fowler is a great supporter and advocate of DDD. These are remarkable names and it is almost certain they are supporting something worth. And I’m not here to argue with that. Maybe I’m trying to justify the way I’ve been writing software, or maybe I’m […]