E-Government Architecture [presentation]

June 11, 2016

After working for a year on the matter, I did a presentation on a small conference about the options for architecture of e-government solutions. A 40 minute talk could not cover everything, and it is presented in the context of Bulgaria (hence 2 graphs with cyrillic script in the slides), so I hope it’s useful […]


A Software Engineer As a High-Level Government Adviser

August 13, 2015

Two months ago I took the job of adviser to the cabinet of the deputy prime minister of my country (the Republic of Bulgaria, an EU member). And I’d like to share my perspective of a technical person, as well as some of my day-to-day activities which might be of interest. How does a software […]


Government Abandonware

July 25, 2015

Governments order software for their allegedly very specific needs. And the EU government (The European Commission) orders “visionary” software that will supposedly one day be used by many member states that will be able to communicate with each other. Unfortunately, a lot of that software is abandonware. It gets built, the large public doesn’t see […]


Proposal for an E-Government Architecture

January 5, 2015

Having worked for a project that was part of the Bulgarian e-government in the past, I have a good overview of what and how can and should be implemented in order for the administration of a country to function without paper. That said, I fully acknowledge the fact that the challenges for digitlizing the administration, […]


Open Source for the Government [presentation]

December 9, 2014

A month ago I gave a talk at OpenFest (a Bulgarian conference for open technologies). The talk was in Bulgarian, but I’ve translated the slides, so here they are. Currently, many governments order custom software and companies implement it, but it’s usually of low quality, low applicability, or both. Software is often abandoned. And we […]