Electronic Signature Using The WebCrypto API

June 11, 2017

Sometimes we need to let users sign something electronically. Often people understand that as placing your handwritten signature on the screen somehow. Depending on the jurisdiction, that may be fine, or it may not be sufficient to just store the image. In Europe, for example, there’s the Regulation 910/2014 which defines what electronic signature are. […]


Digital Signatures With Javascript

February 2, 2014

Several years ago I used to work on a project that required the use of smart cards and digital signatures. I’ve already shared my experience with signing with javascript and then verifying the signature on the server side (with Java). What I did today is to simply get the javascript, tidy it up and put […]


How to Obtain Signer’s Details From JavaScript Signed Data

July 2, 2009

In a previous post I described how to sign data with only javascript. Now, this data should be used on the server side for something. Here is how a Java developer can extract the signature details, and verify whether the content received from a form is really what has been signed. The general scenario is […]


How to Create a Digital Signing Solution with Only JavaScript

April 16, 2009

Important updates: this code won’t reliably work anymore. If you don’t need smartcard support, use the experimental web crypto API. If you need smartcard support, you’d need an extra plugin, e.g. this one It is sometimes required to have the user sign a text in order to certify that he is the one who has […]