Mind The “actions” Param For Facebook Graph API Posts

January 7, 2012

Recently I noticed that posts to facebook that I make through my tool (welshare) appear collapsed, with a weirdly big logo, as if it was posted to the app page, rather than through that app (indicated by a small icon) – see screenshot. I immediately reported a bug to facebook, but after I provided the […]


Why is the Facebook API So Crappy?

June 6, 2011

(This isn’t going to be a rant. I’ll try to figure out why the problems with the facebook graph API exist) The other day an article got popular on dzone. It indicated the same problems that me and some colleagues of mine have have been experiencing, and confirmed my suspicion – it’s not just me […]


Securely Storing Facebook / OAuth Access Tokens

March 31, 2011

Facebook and all OAuth applications (facebook is sort-of OAuth) provide access tokens for applications to do things on behalf of users. I’ll not go into details of how to obtain them and how to use them, but in most cases you would want an eternal token – i.e. one that can be used for offline […]


Facebook Graph API – What Does Each Field Mean in Different Contexts

February 22, 2011

I’m having troubles with the Facebook Graph API. I want to display a facebook feed in a twitter-like, simplistic fashion, but facebook has quite a lot of fields when you call the “/me/home” connection – message, link, name, caption, description, source, type. These are all relevant to what is displayed. Here is a table that […]