Digital Signatures With Javascript

February 2, 2014

Several years ago I used to work on a project that required the use of smart cards and digital signatures. I’ve already shared my experience with signing with javascript and then verifying the signature on the server side (with Java). What I did today is to simply get the javascript, tidy it up and put […]


A Guide To Authenticating Users With Mozilla Persona

December 1, 2012

Having only twitter and facebook authentication so far, I decided to add Mozilla Persona to the list for my latest project (computoser, computer-generated music). Why? I like trying new things Storing passwords is a tough process, and even though I know how to do it, and even have most of the code written in another […]


HTML5/Javascript Desktop Software

August 16, 2012
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Remember when we used to download and install software? We do that rarely these days. Every tool that we need has also a web version, which is cooler and doesn’t have “virus alert” written all over it. However, for many small businesses, it is still an inconvenience (more of a psychological one) to use a […]


Managing CSS And Javascript In Production Is Hard

May 16, 2012

You develop your site, and you are going to deploy it to production. Assuming you have a lot of traffic, you’d need to optimize your assets (javascript and css). Some of these things are also valid for images, but there’s more to be said there, so I’ll focus on css and javascript. It’s way more […]


Javascript-off Unfriendly, And Proud About It

April 30, 2012

Your site should work even with javascript turned off, they say. I strongly disagree. First, it is a lot of effort to make a function-heavy site work without javascript. You’ve build the thing to work with ajax, cool controls and lots of dialogs. And you should build an entirely new version for those 2 percent […]


How to Obtain Signer’s Details From JavaScript Signed Data

July 2, 2009

In a previous post I described how to sign data with only javascript. Now, this data should be used on the server side for something. Here is how a Java developer can extract the signature details, and verify whether the content received from a form is really what has been signed. The general scenario is […]


How to Create a Digital Signing Solution with Only JavaScript

April 16, 2009

Important updates: this code won’t reliably work anymore. If you don’t need smartcard support, use the experimental web crypto API. If you need smartcard support, you’d need an extra plugin, e.g. this one It is sometimes required to have the user sign a text in order to certify that he is the one who has […]