Traditional Web Apps And RESTful APIs

September 23, 2016

When we are building web applications these days, it is considered a best practice to expose all our functionality as a RESTful API and then consume it ourselves. This usually goes with a rich front-end using heavy javascript, e.g. Angular/Ember/Backbone/React. But a heavy front-end doesn’t seem like a good default – applications that require the […]


Pretty Print JSON Per Request With Spring MVC

February 22, 2016

You will find a lot of posts and stackoverflow answers telling you how to pretty-print JSON responses. But sometimes you may need to tune the “prettiness” per request. The use case for this is when you are using tools like curl or RESTClient to interact with the system and you want human-readable output. Of course, […]


How To Provide Default Serialization Format With Spring MVC RESTful Services

November 9, 2012

Spring MVC allows you to serialize objects with @ResponseBody to any format – it has built-in converters for JSON and XML. However, even though your application may support both, you may need a default in case the Accept header is not set. Furthermore (this is a strange case, but we had it), you may want […]


Spring MVC Basics – Presentation

February 3, 2012

Here are the slides for my presentation during the first DZone VIP meetup in Bulgaria. The presentation is short, and the slides can definitely be better, but I’m sharing it anyway.


Customizing Parameter Names When Binding Spring MVC Command Objects

February 2, 2012

In spring MVC you can have But that means “jobType” and “location” are the http parameter names, and there is no way to customize that. Which is odd, since this is meta-data, and it should be configurable by annotations. But if you need to customize them (for example, for SEO reasons), you can plug some […]