A Month on Stackoverflow

Stackoverflow is a programming Q & A site. There are all sorts of developers’ topics can be asked there, and most of them get answered pretty quickly. I won’t go into details about Stackoverflow itself, but rather my first month there.

The result of my first month there is 3200 reputation points, top ranks (during the last 30 days) in the tags: java, hibernate, spring, jsf, but, more importantly – more knowledge. Yes, I’ve asked only 5 questions, but in the process of answering questions, and seeing others’ answers, one gains better knowledge and understanding on various topics. Answering is both a race for a better and more complete answer, and a brainstorming on the exact context of the question. When providing an answer to a non-trivial question, you perfect yourself in quick problem-solving.

As for the questions asked – most of them can be answered by a simple google search. Most of the people are too lazy to read tutorials, and ask stupid questions instead. Unfortunately, the answers to the easiest questions let you gain more reputation, and the answers to the complex questions – less. Simply because few people are digging into the complex questions, let alone the complex answers.

So as a conclusion of my first month there – Stackoverflow is one of the best places for developers to go whenever bored, so that they can feed both their egos and heads a little.

4 thoughts on “A Month on Stackoverflow”

  1. Hi Bohzo,

    I was introduced to Stackoverflow recently too and found a link to your blog on this profile.

    Seeing that you’re a senior, perhaps you can advise me some advice. Is there any way to contact you?

  2. Using stackoverflow is very simple. You just ask your questions. You wouldn’t need advice. If you want to be active there, read the FAQ, that would be enough.

  3. Oh, that’s exactly what I’m doing. I was thinking more in terms of having just a few words of advice as a junior Java developer 😉

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