Feed Readers’ View-Styles

Today we have a new version of Google Reader, and here’s why I decided to comment on the ways feeds can be presented.

The new version of Google Reader is, of course, better than the previous, where I felt trapped in the tiny boxes. Still, however, I feel uncomfortable with it – I have to click here and there if I have to see what is new.
The same issue (I’d not call it a problem) lies in most feed readers – the tree-like organization of feeds.
On the other hand, many of you may know about Netvibes – a Web 2.0, ajax-based application that might look as a complete mess at first sight – all headlines listed in boxes all over the screen. But what we have to keep in mind is, that the human brain is not organized tree-like. And so the use of such chaotic interface is much a comfort. Maybe If I hadn’t used netvibes I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable with other feed readers, who knows.

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