I Use the main() Method

My development machine has Windows. I have used Ubuntu at some point, but it was a disaster, so I switched back. And there are always people asking me how I manage to be productive on Windows, and if I don’t miss the shell.

Developers use the shell and the tons of available cool utility programs in Linux to achieve some supporting, auxiliary tasks. Doing mass-replace, automating some code-generation process, etc., etc. So don’t I miss the shell and bash programming in order to achieve tasks that are auxiliary to the actual development?

Well, I don’t. I don’t even use PowerShell. If my IDE doesn’t provide the functionality I need (or I don’t know it does), then I use a tool class with a main method. Java has a lot of powerful libraries that allow me to ditch the need of doing stuff in the shell or using bash scripts. And the good thing is – it’s Java, it can be versioned if needed, and it’s easy to use, with no additional learning curve, no man pages, etc.

9 thoughts on “I Use the main() Method”

  1. Good point, but still this is slower than using native tools in linux.
    I doubt for example, that “grep” functionality written in java will be faster than the original.

    Also the skills of working in the shell can be used in any linux non-java environment for whatever tasks – configuration/setup of application stacks, work/process automation etc.

    P.S. Scripts can also be versioned.

  2. I also can’t figure out why people use those round things to get around on.

    I’ve invented my own alternative that is much better. I call it “The Wheel”

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