JMS, MessageDriven EJB (MDB), Timers, Maven, JPA (Hibernate) JBoss Example

On an interview I was given a task to implement a simple messaging system, using timers, message-driven beans and a build tool of my choice. This, of course, had to be implemented at home. All would be deployed on JBoss 5.0. The requirement was short – a timer (EJB) should send random events (exception, warning, info) to a JMS Topic, which should be consumed and handled by an MDB. Each event would be handled in a number of ways, depending on configurations.

You can download the source code (including maven scripts). (To be noted: I didn’t have any prior experience to JMS and MDBs.)

3 thoughts on “JMS, MessageDriven EJB (MDB), Timers, Maven, JPA (Hibernate) JBoss Example”

  1. I had the same task to implement 🙂
    I was told to use Oracle 10g, and JBoss 5.0
    Probably we are talking about one and the same company…

  2. I guess 🙂
    Perhaps they should’ve asked me to sign some NDA. I uploaded that solution not to help other interviewees, but to show some example code for JMS/EJB starters.

    Anyway, I guess you haven’t copy-pasted my solution. I think they didn’t like it, because I changed some of the requirements 🙂

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