Open-Sourcing My Music Composition Algorithm

Less than two years ago I wrote about the first version of my algorithm for music composition. Since then got some interest and the algorithm was incrementally improved.

Now, on my birthday, I decided it’s time to make it open-source. So it’s on GitHub.

It contains both the algorithm and the supporting code to run it on a website (written with spring and hibernate). The algorithm itself is in the package, everything else is in subpackages, so it’s easy to identify it.

It isn’t a perfect piece of code, but I think it’s readable, if you happen to know some music theory. I am now preparing a paper to present my research (as some research is involved in the creation) as well as how the algorithm functions. Opening the code is part of the preparation for the paper – it will be noted there as a reference implementation.

The license is AGPL – as far as I know, that should not allow closed-source use of my algorithm on the server-side.

I don’t think making it open-source is such a significant step, but I hope it will somehow help algorithmic music composition advance further than it is today.

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