Why Windows Live Hotmail Is Not Competitive?

Today I had to check an e-mail in my old hotmail account. First of all, a 404 message in the two left frames – I didn’t mind it – the login frame was there.
I needed to check the header information of the e-mail. And much to my surprise – I did not see an option “show headers”, “show original” or “save original message”.
I switched to the new, full-featured Live Hotmail version.
Well, this feature seems not important for Microsoft developers. Note that Gmail, Yahoo, and every competitive email system has such an option.
Another complaint – the vertical e-mail preview, where the screen it split in two. 1/3 of my FireFox, google-toolbarred+stumble toolbarred screen is taken by the logo and the banner above. I feel like having claustrophobia.

I just don’t want to know what more ‘good surprises’ will Hotmail present to me.
In conclusion, MS seems to underestimate ergonomic and functionality. How come they want to have users? If this is based only on the “wide-spreadness” of Windows, their days are counted. Imho.

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